How to Make a Quick Camping Breakfast

How to make a quick camping breakfast
Pouring Eggs on griddle

Camping can be one of the best ways to get out in nature and enjoy the world around us. However, not all of us are set up with the proper or basic gear we need to make the transition from home living to camping. Use this hack to keep your cooking ingredients together in a convenient and easy to use bottle minimizing the likelihood of spills and messes.

All you need is:

  • 2 empty creamer bottles
  • Raw eggs
  • Water
  • Pancake mix
  • Mixing bowl with a spout
  • Whisk

Step 1: Remove wrapping from the creamer bottles

Creamer bottle with wrapper
Creamer bottle without wrapping

To know what is in each bottle, take off the wrapper around each creamer bottle to reveal the clear plastic underneath. Addition tip: with a permanent marker list the contents of the bottle on the bottle itself or the lid.

Step 2: Crack and mix the eggs in a separate bowl

Cracking Egg in bowl
Mixing Eggs

To avoid making a mess, use a separate bowl with a spout to crack and mix the eggs in. Mix until the texture of the eggs is consistent all the way through or to personal satisfaction.

Step 3: Pour eggs into one of the creamer bottles

Pouring eggs in bowl

Additional Tip: use a funnel to easily pour the eggs in.

Step 4: Add and mix the Pancake mix and water to the bowl.

Add pancake mix to bowl
Mix pancake mix

Before adding in the pancake mix, rinse out the bowl used for eggs. Add the pancake mix, water, and other ingredients depending on instruction on the box. Mix until the texture of the pancake mix is consistent all the way through or to personal satisfaction.

Step 5: Pour pancake mix into the remaining creamer bottle

Pour Pancake mix into creamer bottle

Step 6: Pack It & Use It!

Pouring Eggs on griddle
Pour pancake mix on griddle

Add these bottles to your kitchen kit for a quick and simple way of transporting and using eggs and pancake mix. Simply pour eggs and pancake mix on a griddle and enjoy!

Pancakes with syrup